Pension Scheme


Being a Trustee of a Pension Scheme is not an easy job or a comfortable position to hold! Typically, you are responsible for a large sum of money/fund, your decisions affect directly the future prosperity of a number of people, the legislation gives rise to a high number of complex challenges and concerns and best practice is constantly changing.

Walter Hunter has a wealth of experience and expertise in auditing and advising UK Occupational Pension arrangements – both Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit Schemes. We utilise this to provide our clients with a professional, timely and cost-effective service.

The legal requirements and need to adhere to best practice had added considerable burdens upon Pension Trustees, and is likely that this trend will continue. It is important therefore the Trustees appoint professional, motivated and well-qualified advisors to assist them with full compliance. Our proactive and expert team will assist you. We also have a professional link with an international firm of Chartered Accountants, which allows out clients to obtain specialist pension-related advice in certain areas where needed, through our joint-working arrangement. This affords our client cost-effective and professional solutions.

Our services are comprehensive and gives the Trustees of our Pension Fund clients peace of mind as well as excellent up-to-date advice.


Our Services

Walter Hunter offer a wide range of services in the pension assurance area, including:

Audit and Advisory

  • Risk based audit focused on the key risk areas
  • Effective communications throughout the audit, and throughout the year
  • Detailed audit feedback for Trustees
  • Advice on internal controls and governance issues
  • Efficient and effective, and good value-for-money

Accounts Preparation

  • Statutory and Non-Statutory Scheme accounts
  • Ensure compliance with latest legislation and the Statement of Recommended Practice
  • Dealing with Investment Managers, Fund Providers etc. as necessary


  • Tax compliance work
  • Annual Scheme Returns
  • VAT

Other Services

  • Payroll bureau service
  • Trustee Training
  • Assistance with preparation of Risk Registers

As a local firm of Chartered Accountants, we understand that, for certain specialist advice, it is appropriate for our client to be able to utilise the services of a specialist who works exclusively in that particular area. This work includes employer covenant reviews and specialist apportionment work. For this reason, we have a working arrangement with an international firm of Chartered Accountants to undertake this work jointly. This allows us to offer a complete service to all clients with a very cost-effective pricing structure.


“We have had our company SSAS audited by Walter Hunter since we started the scheme in the 80’s. Although all schemes do not have to have an audit I have really appreciated having a professional to hold my hand particularly with the myriad changes to Pension Scheme rules over the years. I believe all Pension Trustees should have professional help and can strongly recommend Walter Hunter.”

Pension Trustee