External Audit and Risk Assurance


We plan our audit approach to provide assurance to clients on their financial performance and business operations. We also aim to assist them by pointing out areas where control or commercial improvements can be made.

We focus on your business requirements and, utilising our knowledge and experience, will ensure an effective and efficient audit is undertaken. We aim to keep in touch through the year, enabling issues to be raised at an early stage. This approach enables us to deliver practical business insight and assessment of financial and business risks.

Our audit work covers the following areas:

  • Statutory Audit
  • Voluntary Audit
  • Charity Audit
  • CIC audits
  • Solicitors Regulation Authority Accounts Rules Reports
  • Group audits and subsidiary reviews
  • Audit of grants where necessary
  • Pension Schemes

For more information about our Audit and Risk Assurance services or to arrange a consultation, please telephone.