Corporate Finance and Forensic Accounting


Corporate finance is an umbrella term that covers many services. In essence, our corporate service work covers advice required by businesses and individuals who are intent on making major changes to the status quo, be it the purchase of another business, consideration of their future plans, requirement for detailed reviews of past practice (e.g. forensic accounting etc). Our skills and training to undertake our core work of dealing with accounts, tax, auditing make us ideally suited to such assignments.

Due diligence and Forensic accounting

Due diligence reports are required for a number of particular areas. The most common form of due diligence investigation is carried out in relation to a proposed acquisition or investment in a business. We can take the financial records of the business including historical information and forecasts and prepare a report to the potential acquirer or investor on any areas of particular interest.

Sources of finance

We can assist our clients in sourcing and raising funds to cater for expansion and also for the purchase of target businesses. Monies to fund working capital requirements may also be researched.

Grant services

There are many grants available to businesses in Wales, although the eligibility criteria can be complicated. We can help you through the regulations to ascertain whether your business is eligible for grant assistance.

Business plans

We are expert in the production of business plans, which may be required by businesses for a great many reasons (eg Raising finance). In particular, we would recommend that all businesses consider their plans at regular intervals – this can help to clarify the mind and issues that were clouded can be addressed.